Welcome to Aladdin Pita, a fine dining restaurant that offers the best in flavor and tradition from the Middle East.

From the rich quality of our entrées to our upscale level of service, we want to warmly welcome our guests into the Aladdin Pita family and introduce them to the great culture that, for centuries, has inspired the delicious flavors of our food. Enjoy more than a fine meal tonight – enjoy a worldly experience.

With a keen focus on the highest standards of customer satisfaction, we can promise that:

  • Your meal will be cooked with fresh ingredients and authentic spices with the utmost attention to detail and care in preparation.
  • Our servers will treat you with kindness and respect and ensure that your dining experience is superbly enjoyable, to your liking, and one-of-a-kind.


IMG_2708Because we care so much about our customers, we work hard to go the extra mile in sharing our Middle Eastern food and culture. Therefore, we also offer the following services:

  • Private and family dining areas
  • Buffet service every Thursday and Sunday
  • The Aladdin Pita Grocery Store
  • Hookah and tobacco selections to purchase
  • Gift cards and online ordering


Aladdin Pita was founded by the Mohammad family in 2000. After over 16 years of service, we sincerely enjoy creating personal, long-lasting relationships with our customers. It has been our pleasure. Thus, we graciously open our arms and welcome you into our ever-growing Aladdin Pita family.