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5 thoughts on “Menu”

  1. I absolutely love this place .
    Great food ,I have never eaten in , I always
    Order takeout. Reminds me of the NILE Restaurant in Chicago . My favorite is the falafel sandwich.

  2. Been coming here before horrible murder. We went right back after re-opening and even supported the Highland location. I cannot brag enough about this place. Food awesome !! Never did we feel “out of place” (if -you-know-what-I-mean)… We even check out the store and buy fresh pita and meat pies–(seems not be be available anymore ??) Give this place a try…FRESH REAL FOOD !!

  3. I drive 45 minutes each way to get the falafel and eggplant sandwiches. The pitas are always soft, fresh, and delicious, and the falafel and eggplant are perfection. Can’t wait to go back again!

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